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Directed by Kala Samrat S. Narayan
Produced by Dheera Rockline Venkatesh
Written by Madan
Starring Vishnuvardhan
Music by S A Rajkumar
Release dates
Language Kannada
Budget 5 Crores
Box office 21 Crores

Sirivantha is a 2006 Indian Kannada film starring Vishnuvardhan. This film, directed by S. Narayan, is the sixth and last film of the Vishnu-Narayan combination. Sirivantha followed the other 5 Vishnu-Narayan films Veerappa Nayaka, Surya Vamsha, Simhadriya Simha, Jamindaru and Varsha.

Though the film was a remake of the Telugu film Aa Naluguru, starring Rajendra Prasad in the lead, the Kannada version became more popular than the original and ran successfully for 100 days at the box office.[1]



Sirivantha revolves around the concept of ideologies and being self-sufficient in life. Narayan Murthy (Vishnu) is a very kindhearted and a peace-loving person. He works as an editor for a newspaper Mitravani and believes in the ideology of helping the needy and spends half of his earnings on his family and the other half to help the needy. His family consists of his wife, two sons and a daughter. They are dead against the principles followed by their father. There is a need in the family for some urgent money as the eldest son needs to pay a bribe to get a Sub Inspector's job, the youngest son needs to get through his education and his son decides to start a business. He is forced to break all his principles and borrow money from a financier friend of his played by Doddanna. Unable to bear the defeat of his ideology, he commits suicide the very day he gives money to his children. After hearing about their father's death, the children run away with the money and hide while the society that he helped and love come in huge numbers to perform his last rights. The rest is how the financier gets his money back and how the children understand the value of life.


All songs composed by S. A. Rajkumar and lyrics penned by Kala Samrat S. Narayan.

SL.No Song Artist
1 Megha Megha Hariharan, K. S. Chitra
2 Yaaro Yaaro Ee Naalvaru S. P. Balasubramanyam
3 Happy Day Tippu
4 Koosu Mari S. P. Balasubramanyam, K. S. Chitra
5 Edege Sidilu S. P. Balasubramanyam

Vishnuvardhan's performance[edit]

Vishnuvardhan's performance struck a chord with the audience and the critics. Times Of India said, "Dr.Vishnuvardhan is at the Pinnacle of his acting career with his outstanding performance and brilliant body language".[citation needed] review said, "It is only actor like Dr.Vishnuvardhana who can do justice to this kind of role. Dr.Vishnu reciting the preaching of saints and scholars focusing on the morality not the money that is important has given a noteworthy performance."[2] review said, "Dr. Vishnuvardhan has created new bench mark in acting performance through his mesmerizing performance in Sirivantha which is one of the best films that has come in recent times. He is just on top of the world as for as acting honors are concerned".[3] said, "Sirivantha will be remembered for a long time for the mesmerising performance by Vishnuvardhan. Vishnu's large fan following will certainly place this film next only to the much acclaimed Yajamana -- the biggest box office hit in Kannada film history. His is a poignant performance".[4] review said, "Vishnu has lived the role of Narayan Murthy and It is his career’s best performance".[5] Former Prime Minister H. D. Deve Gowda and his son Former Chief Minister of Karnataka State H. D. Kumaraswamy watched the film and said, "This is the finest performance from Dr.Vishnuvardhanji. This film has the strong message and is heart touching. This film is for the family".[6]

Critical and commercially success[edit]

  • Critics: Sirivantha was critically well appreciated film. The media and press termed the film a classic. review said, "Sirivantha is spectacular because of its contents and portrayal of all the characters in the film is convincing. Dr.Vishnu, Shruthi and Doddanna share the top honors for their heart touching performance".[2] review said, "Sirivantha has some wonderful performances, excellent technical support and a classy direction by all rounder S.Narayan who also gets full marks as a writer and a director. Sirivantha produced by Rockline Venkatesh is one film which will remain in your memory for a long time for its neat presentation. It is a clean film aimed at the family audience which is natural from scene one. There is nothing in the film which is even slightly objectionable. Though the film is a remake of Telugu film Aa Naluguru, the film should be really welcomed for its honest and transparent presentation".[3] review said, "It is director S Narayan's film all the way, and finding even a small flaw is difficult. Definitely a landmark film".[4] review said, "Producer Rockline Venkatesh, director S.Narayan and Dr.Vishnuvardhana comes together to give a landmark film that is a torch bearer to the society. Sirivantha lives up to the expectations and is a meaningful and moral boosting film".[5] Times Of India review said, "Sirivantha is just brilliant". Other medias called it "A landmark film". Apart from Vishnuvardhan and S Narayan, Doddanna and Shruthi were also specially mentioned for their brilliant performances.
  • Commercial success: Audience loved the film and the film completed 100 days in many theaters across the state.[1] Even after the film completed 50 days, the film topped the Kannada Films List in terms of collections and appreciations.[7] The film initially took a slow start but was a crowd puller later on after the second week. The film attracted the classes and more of the family audience to become one of the biggest hits of the year.[7][8]


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