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Sirloin Stockade
Restaurant chain and franchise
Industry Buffet restaurant and steakhouse
Founded 1966 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States
Number of locations
over 80 company owned restaurants (2016) and 74 restaurant franchises (2008)
Area served
United States and Mexico

Sirloin Stockade is a family-style all-you-can-eat buffet steakhouse, restaurant chain and franchise that was founded in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States in 1966.[1][2] In June 2016, the company operated over 80 restaurants in the United States and Mexico. Some restaurants are company-owned, and some are operated as franchises. Some Sirloin Stockade restaurants have closed in recent years for various reasons, some of which were in business for a significant amount of time.


Sirloin Stockade's first restaurant opened in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in 1966.[1] The original location had a giant 1,800 pound (820 kg) plastic ornamental cow at the location circa the 1970s.[3] Other locations also had, and some continue to have, such large ornamental cows on trailers and mounted atop outdoor signage.[4][5] Sirloin Stockade restaurants provide an all-you-can-eat buffet,[6][7] serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sirloin Stockade fare include broiled steaks, chicken and fried shrimp, among others.[8] In 2008, there were 28 company-owned and managed Sirloin Stockade restaurants and 74 restaurant franchises.[9] As of June 2016, the company operated over 80 restaurants in 9 U.S. states and in Mexico.[2] The restaurants are typically 8,000–9,000 square feet (740–840 m2) in size and have around 100–115 employees at each location.[1] Circa December 2014, a Sirloin Stockade location in Galesburg, Illinois discontinued offering steak in its buffet due to escalating beef and food prices, but continued to offer steak as a menu item.[10]


Sirloin Stockade and has grown into Stockade Companies, a multi-concept restaurant company,[9] presently based in Round Rock, Texas.[11] In 2008, the CEO of Stockade Companies was Tom Ford, who began working for the company on its first day in 1966 as a dishwasher at the debut restaurant in Oklahoma City.[1][12] Ford worked in additional positions while attending college, and purchased a Sirloin Stockade restaurant in 1979 in the Austin, Texas area.[12] As of June 2016, Ford and Doug Frieling, a franchisee with the company, are the owners of Stockade Companies.[1]


In April 2016, a Sirloin Stockade in Laredo, Texas closed after a little over twenty years in the same spot.[7] The restaurant was located at the Mall Del Norte. It went out of business after not being allowed to renew its building lease per the mall directors' decision.[7] It had been one of the most frequented restaurants among residents of Laredo and employed approximately 20 people.[7] This location provided a free meal for people on their birthday.[7] In 2013, a Sirloin Stockade restaurant in Evansville, Indiana closed after being in business for 20 years.[13] The closure occurred due to "economic reasons".[13] In April 2011 the Sirloin Stockade restaurant in Parsons, Kansas closed after 8 years, due to a "decline in the economy".[14] In August 2010, the Sirloin Stockade restaurant in Keokuk, Iowa closed after 25 years in business.[15] A sign on the door stated that the owners tried to keep the restaurant running as long as possible but were no longer able to do so.[15]

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