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Sirutteok (steamed rice cake).jpg
sirutteok, steamed tteok made with red bean and rice
Place of originKorea
Region or stateKorean-speaking areas
Main ingredientsglutinous rice flour, grains and beans (such as azuki bean, mung bean and sesame, wheat flour or starch)
Variationsseolgitteok, kyeotteok
Food energy
(per serving)
100g /183kcal kcal
Revised Romanizationsirutteok

Sirutteok (시루떡) is a type of Korean rice cake (tteok) traditionally made by steaming rice or glutinous rice flour in a "siru" (시루), a large earthenware vessel used for steaming which gives "sirutteok" its name. "Sirutteok" is regarded as the oldest form of tteok in Korean history.[1][2]



Sirutteok is made by soaking rice or glutinous rice in water and then grinding it. Thus prepared, the rice flour is put in a siru and steamed. According to steaming method, sirutteok is subdivided into two groups: seolgitteok (설기떡) and kyeotteok (켜떡). Seolgitteok---also called muritteok (무리떡)---is regarded as the most basic form of sirutteok and is made only with rice. "Kyeotteok" consists of multiple layers of azuki bean or other bean powder and a rice-glutinous rice mixture.[1]


The main ingredients for "sirutteok" are rice (멥쌀 mepssal in Korean) or glutinous rice (찹쌀 chapssal), which sometimes are mixed. Other grains and beans (such as azuki bean, mung bean and sesame, wheat flour or starch) can also be mixed with the rice. Various fruits and nuts are used as subsidiary ingredients, such as persimmon, peach or apricot, chestnut, walnut, and pine nut. In addition, vegetables or herbs can be used to flavor the tteok. Danggwi leaves (당귀잎; Ostericum grosseserratum), seogi mushroom (manna lichen), radish, artemisia, pepper, and Korean wine for example, whereas honey and sugar are used as sweeteners.[1]


  • Baekseolgi (백설기) - a variety of siru tteok. It literally means white snow tteok which is made of white rice.
  • Kongtteok (콩떡) - tteok made with various kinds of beans
  • Jeungpyeon (증편) - tteok made with makgeolli (unfiltered rice wine)
  • Mujigae tteok (무지개떡) [1] - literally "rainbow tteok"; this variety of tteok has colorful stripes. The tteok is used especially for janchi (잔치), Korean banquet, party, or feast like dol (celebrating a baby's first birthday), Hwangap (celebrating 60 years old people's birthday), or gyeonhon janchi (wedding party)
  • Hobak-tteok

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