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Siruvachur is a town located at the extreme north of Salem district, Tamil Nadu, India. It is about 6 kilometres (3.7 mi) north of Thalaivasal. Nearby villages include Veppanatham, Unathur, Varagur, Puthur, Anna Nagar, Bharathi Nagar, Pattuthurai, Salai Amman Nagar and Ponnoli Nagar. This village is known for Sri Madhura Kaliamman temple in which goddess sri Madura Kaliamman is the main Deity.

Agriculture was the key development that led to the rise of human civilization in Siruvachur. Agricultural progress has been a crucial factor in socio-economic change of people in Siruvachur and nearby villages. The cultivation of cotton, sugarcane, groundnuts, corn and sweet potatoes are commonly seen; these are considered as lucrative cash crops. Food crops like rice and vegetables are grown in abundance.

There is a weekly wholesale auction of vegetables, fruits, food crops and cash crops, textiles, agricultural instruments, at the market on every Saturday from 2PM to 10PM and special market days are organised during festival season. Dairy farming has long been present in the area and there are several cooperative dairies both government and private funded functioning to collect milk.

Siruvachur is moderately populated and the literacy rate is approximately 40%. Three higher secondary schools plays a vital role in increasing the literacy rate in the village. Bharathi vidyalaya matriculation higher secondary school is the first of its kind of institution which plays a major role in providing education to the students. Classic matriculation higher secondary school and Government higher secondary school are also massively contributing to the educational development.

Very soon SREE (Siruvachur rural empowerment and education), the first of its kind NGO would be kick started to disseminate value and purpose of education. The main aim of this NGO is empowering the people and improving the well-being of people.

The people of this area has more Harvester machines which are used to cultivate paddy fields and corn.

Coordinates: 11°11′N 78°52′E / 11.183°N 78.867°E / 11.183; 78.867