Siruvani Dam

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Siruvani dam
Official name ശിരുവാണി അണക്കെട്ട്
Location Palakkad, Kerala
Purpose Water Supply
Opening date 1984
Dam and spillways
Impounds Siruvani River
Height 57m
Length 224m
Total capacity 255,000,000 m3 (206,732 acre·ft)
Active capacity 184,200,000 m3 (149,333 acre·ft)

Siruvani dam is a dam in Palakkad District, Kerala located 46 km away from Palakkad town. This dam constructed across the Siruvani River, is for supplying drinking water to the city of Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. The dam is surrounded by reserve forests. Muthikulam hill is situated on the eastern side of the dam. There is a natural waterfall in the hill. The waterfalls and the Dam are big tourist attractions. The famous 150-year-old Pattiyar Bungalow is on the banks of the Siruvani Reservoir. An agreement was executed in August 1973 between the state Governments for drinking water supply to Coimbatore town and neighbouring areas from the Siruvani Dam. The location being in the state of Kerala, the project was executed by the Kerala Public Works Department utilising the funds made available by the Tamil Nadu Government.[1][2][3]

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