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One of the Models Released Under the Original Sisil Brand (1963-1994)

Sisil (Sinhalese: සිසිල්) is a Sri Lankan manufacturer of refrigerators. In 1963 the Associated Electrical Company introduced the Sisil refrigerator. Sisil was the first refrigerator marque created in Sri Lanka. The brand was acquired by Singer Sri Lanka in 2001.


Interior of an old Model Released Under the Original Sisil Brand (63-94)

Since its introduction in 1963, Sisil was the leading refrigerator brand in the Sri Lankan market; this continued until the 1990s, when Sisil lost its position to increasing number of competitive brands. This loss of market leadership crippled much of Sisil’s manufacturing operations. Sisil's plant was closed in 1994, forcing the company to start importing refrigerators from India, which were marketed under the brand name Godrej Sisil. In 2001 Singer Sri Lanka purchased the brand at a cost of ₨ 55 million. The deal also involved the purchase of existing Sisil inventory for which Singer paid a further ₨ 40 million, bringing the total cost of the Sisil-Singer deal to ₨ 95 million.[1]

Singer continued to sell Sisil products through Sisil's existing dealer network as well as Singer's own distribution network. Currently Sisil products are manufactured by Regnis Lanka, Singer’s local associate.

Later Singer launched a retail network, Sisil World, which sells electric and electronic equipments of several imported and local brands.[2][3]