Sisila Gini Gani

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Sisila Gini Gani (Fire on Ice)
Directed byPrasanna Vithanage
StarringSanath Gunatillake
Sabitha Perera
Veena Jayakody
Release date
Running time
90 minutes
CountrySri Lanka

Sisila Gini Gani (Fire on Ice) is a 1992 Sri Lankan, Sinhala language film. It was the first film directed by Prasanna Vithanage. Sisila Gini Gani had a short run in Sri Lanka.[1] The music for the film was composed by Dr. Premasiri Khemadasa. It made a great impression on the audience.


Harris Makalanda (Sanath Gunattilake) is a wealthy aristocrat and well known lawyer. He is also a married man to Kumari (Veena Jayakody). One day he meets a beautiful girl, Annette (Sabitha Perera), at a party. He meets her again when she hitches a ride with him during a heavy rain storm, which leads to a sexual encounter between them.[2]

She is of Sri Lankan Burgher ethnicity; her family background and experiences with married men convince her to shun marriage, which she sees as imprisonment. As their liaison grows, Harris invites Annette to live in his separate bungalow, which she agrees to. Along with renovating the dilapidated bungalow, Annette seems to renovate her notion on marriage, and expresses this to Harris.

Meanwhile, Harris is contesting the municipal elections, at the urging of his wife and in-laws. His schedule leaves him no time for Annette but she continues to relish his company. The only obstacle in Annette's path to possessing Harris, completely and permanently, is Harris’ little boy, Vijitha. Harris' son has special needs, acting as the glue in Kumari and Harris' marriage of convenience.

Annette tries to establish a rapport with the son. Once when the child goes on a picnic with his school friends, Annette separates him from the others as a sudden mist rolls in. Frightened, the child runs away. She sees him heading for the abyss but as hard as she tries, she is unable to stop him. This is the crux of the movie, allowing the story to pivot into flashbacks and flash forwards.


Actor Role
Sanath Gunathilake Harris Makalanda
Sabeetha Perera Annette
Veena Jayakody Kumari Makalanda


  • OCIC Awards 1992
    • Best Director
    • Best Actress
    • Best Actor
    • Best Supporting Actress
    • Best Music Director
    • Best Cameraman
    • Best Laboratory Work
  • Swarna Sanka Awards 1992
    • Best Film
    • Best Director
    • Best Actress
    • Best Music Director
    • Best Cameraman (Black and White)
    • Best Producer


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