Sista Sekunden

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Sista sekunden
Origin Malmö, Sweden
Genres Melodic hardcore, hardcore punk
Years active 2005 (2005)
Labels Instigate Records, P-trash, FFYM, Soul Rebel, Wasted Sounds, Rock Room Records
Associated acts Satanic Surfers, Intensity, Left Right Left, Atlas Losing Grip, Vånna inget, Terrible Feelings
Members Dennis "Dempe" Johansson
Andy Dahlström
Tommy Tift
Julian Guedj
Past members Stefan Larsson

Sista sekunden (Swedish: The Last Second) is a Swedish hardcore punk band, formed in Malmö in 2005. The group consists of vocalist Dennis "Dempe" Johansson, guitarist Andy Dahlström, bassist Tommy Tift and drummer Julian Guedj. Since its inception, Sista sekunden has been on a variety of record labels, including Wasted Sounds (Sweden), Rock Room Records (Japan), P-trash (Germany), FFYM (France) and Instigate (guitarist Andy own label). The band has toured in Sweden, Europe, Japan and the United States.


Sista sekunden was set up in April 2005 and played their first gig July of that year, the band also released a demo of 7 songs. It took until January 2006 when the band began recording their first album Sista sekunden. The album was released on two of the band members' own record labels, Dempe Records (Dempe) and Instigate Records (Andy). 2006 continued with two short tours. The year after, in February 2007, the band released a more melodic album, Skyll inte på oss (Don't blame us). In May, their drummer Stefan quit and was replaced by Julian Guedj. Later, they recorded four new songs for a split disc with the Japanese band Iscream 7 Showers. 2008 the band recorded another new album, Sista försvarslinjen (The last line of defense) and went on tour in the U.S. 2010 the band released their third LP, Åldras med stil (Age with style). The year after, 2011, the band released a new EP called Svartvit (Monochrome).

In August 2013 the band did their first show in 2 years.


  • Dennis "Dempe" Johansson - lead vocals
  • Andy Dahlström - guitar
  • Tommy Tift - bass
  • Julian Guedj - drums (2007–present)

Former member[edit]

  • Stefan Larsson - drums (2005–2007)



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