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سیستونی Sistoni
Native to Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan,[citation needed] Pakistan,[citation needed] Turkmenistan
Language codes
ISO 639-3 None (mis)
Glottolog None

Sistani (also known as Sistanian) is a dialect continuum spoken by Sistani people mainly in Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan,[citation needed] Pakistan[citation needed] and Turkmenistan. It is part of the Southwestern Iranian branch of the Indo-Iranian group of Indo-European languages, and generally considered a dialect of Persian (Dari).


English Sistani Transliteration
What's up? چکاره؟ chkāra?
Why? ورچه؟ varche?
What? چزه؟ cheze?
Where? اگجه؟ agja?
Come in. در شو dar sho.
Are you serious? تره والله؟ tra vallā?
How many times? چن لئ؟ chen le'?
It's gonna be late. إره مئ شو e'ra me'sho.
I love you. دل مه بالئ تره del me bāle' tra.
Sistani is a good language. سیستونی گپّ زبریه sistoni gappe zabria.

Comparison between Sistani and Balochi language[edit]

English Sistani Balochi
dust palg polg
perfect purra pura
kiss pakk pakko
finger chongol changol
notice sarpe' sarpad
scorpion qa'zum zum
excursion chaqal chakar
stupid ga'nok ganok
wrinkle krenj gerenchag


Sistani English equivalent
plaft withered
spest alfalfa
shpul whistle
kneshk frown
chrokh shiny
kutru puppy
chilāsk skinny
jangara aggressive
dajg tie


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