Sistema Globo de Rádio

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Rádio Globo S/A
Subsidiary of Grupo Globo
Industry Broadcasting
Founded December 2, 1944; 73 years ago (1944-12-02)
Founder Roberto Marinho
Headquarters Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Area served
Key people
Marcelo Soares (CEO)
Parent Grupo Globo
Subsidiaries Rádio Globo

Sistema Globo de Rádio (in English: Globo Radio System), or SGR, is a Brazilian media group owned by Grupo Globo that began with the inauguration of Rádio Globo in 1944, and today it has control of several other radios from different parts of Brazil. SGR also operates in the Pay-TV segment, where its radios offer music programming options to more than 6 million subscribers of NET, Sky Brazil, Oi TV and Claro TV operators. In 1975, the SGR began to adopt a logo whose letters resemble that of Globo Network, made by Hans Donner with the color dark blue, with the name of "Sistema Globo de Rádio". In 2009, the SGR started to have a distinct visual identity of Globo, adopting a logo in the colors blue and gray, with the name SGR.

Previously, the group operated in the web radio segment, with Multishow FM, GNT Radio, Radio Canal Brasil and Radio Impacto, as well as Globo FM and RadioBeat, which replaced its former terrestrial stations in Rio de Janeiro. In 2015, with the extinction of these last two, the SGR stopped operating with web radios.


  • BH FM - 102.1 MHz
  • CBN RJ - 92.5 MHz
  • CBN SP - 90.5 MHz
  • CBN Brasília - 95.3 MHz
  • CBN Belo Horizonte -106.1 MHz
  • Radio Globo RJ - 98.1 MHz
  • Radio Globo SP - 94.1 MHz

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