Sister-in-Law's Wet Thighs

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Sister-in-Law's Wet Thighs
Sister-in-Law's Wet Thighs.jpg
Theatrical poster for Sister-in-Law's Wet Thighs (2001)
Directed by Tarō Araki[1]
Written by Tadashi Naitō
Starring Ayumi Tokitō
Moe Sakura
Sachiko Maeno
Cinematography 前井一作
Edited by Shōji Sakai
Taro Pro
Distributed by OP Eiga
Release dates
July 3, 2001
Running time
60 minutes
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Sister-in-Law's Wet Thighs (義姉さんの濡れた太もも Oneesan no Nureta Futomomo?) is a 2001 Japanese pink film directed by Tarō Araki. It won the award for Fourth Best Film at the Pink Grand Prix ceremony and Araki was awarded Best Director.[2]


A female adult video director in Tokyo awakens from a dream in which she was a landlady at a hot-springs inn. Later, while scouting for a film location, she finds the inn she saw in her dream.[3]


  • Ayumi Tokitō (時任歩)[1]
  • Moe Sakura (佐倉萌)
  • Sachiko Maeno (前野さちこ)
  • Masahiro Nishikawa (西川方啓)
  • Jōmonjin (縄文人)
  • Takasama Kidachi (木立隆雅)
  • Ken'ichi Irizuki (入月謙一)


Tarō Araki filmed Sister-in-Law's Wet Thighs for his own Taro Pro production studio, and it was released theatrically in Japan by OP Eiga on July 3, 2001.[4] It was released to home video on February 22, 2002 as The Secret of the Keyhole (鍵穴の秘密 Kagiana no Himitsu?).[5][6][7] OP Eiga gave Sister-in-Law's Wet Thighs a second theatrical release on October 21, 2004 under the title Brother's Wife: Soft Thighs (兄貴の嫁さん 柔らかい太もも Aniki no Yomesan: Yawarakai Futomomo?).[8]



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