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Motto To provide an outlet and giving a voice to young women through art.
Formation 2007 by Deeyah Khan
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Sisterhood is a network of young, aspiring Muslim female artists, spanning across creative disciplines and countries with a primary focus on Western-born young Muslim women.[1] It was established in 2007 by Norwegian artist and human rights activist Deeyah Khan.[2]


Sisterhood, through its projects and social media, brings young Muslim women across the world together to connect with each other to support and deal with the challenges they face artistically and culturally. Sisterhood creative initiatives promote discussion about: war, racism, love, romance, living in a post-9/11 world, women's rights issues, individual identity, sexuality, a sense of belonging, faith, and the personal experiences of being young, socially conscious Muslim women in the West.[3] Sisterhood is an ongoing initiative and is today an organic movement consisting of young Muslim women based around the world, especially in the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States.

Sisterhood Projects[edit]

Sisterhood Online Mixtape (2008) is the first project presented by Sisterhood.[4]


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