Sisters of the Red Death

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Sisters of the Red Death
Studio album by Vendetta Red
Released August 30, 2005
Recorded 2004
Genre Emo, post-hardcore, screamo, pop punk
Length 47:22
Label Epic
Producer Howard Benson
Vendetta Red chronology
Between the Never and the Now
Sisters of the Red Death
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
AbsolutePunk 89% link
Allmusic 3/5 stars link

Sisters of the Red Death is the fourth album by Vendetta Red which was released on August 30, 2005. On the limited edition white vinyl (and possibly any other vinyl version) the back of the album lists the song "Depressionesque" as "Track XIII", however, inside the artwork there is a misprint and the song is listed as "Track VIII".

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Vendetta Red Cried Rape On Their Date With Destiny" - 3:37
  2. "The Body and the Blood" - 3:47
  3. "A Dark Heart Silhouette" - 3:58
  4. "Shiver" - 4:03
  5. "In Lieu of Dead Brides" - 3:53
  6. "Silhouette Serenade" - 3:21
  7. "The Banshee Ballet" - 2:42
  8. "The Great Castration" - 4:34
  9. "Gloria" - 3:50
  10. "Run" - 4:11
  11. "Coital Improv" - 3:25
  12. "A Joyless Euphoria" - 6:08
  13. "Depressionesque" - Hidden song

The secret song "Shoot Up With God" does not appear on the vinyl version of this album, however, it does appear at the end of the CD version of this album.


The album's story is about a woman named Gloria. After a nuclear war engulfs the earth, she is born as a half-medusa half-harpy. She decides that mankind is to blame for her body, and she takes control of the world. The album is about what happens when she falls in love.


In the artwork for the vinyl version of the album track three is listed as "Call My Name (A Dark Heart Silhouette)", the CD version simply lists it as "A Dark Heart Silhouette".

In the artwork on the vinyl version track five is listed as "In Lieu of Dead Brides...", The artwork for the CD version lists the song as "In Lieu of Dead Brides... Claustrofuckingphobic".