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View of the village
View of the village
Sistranda is located in Trøndelag
Location of the village
Sistranda is located in Norway
Sistranda (Norway)
Coordinates: 63°43′31″N 8°50′00″E / 63.7252°N 08.8332°E / 63.7252; 08.8332Coordinates: 63°43′31″N 8°50′00″E / 63.7252°N 08.8332°E / 63.7252; 08.8332
Country Norway
Region Central Norway
County Trøndelag
District Fosen
Municipality Frøya
 • Total 0.94 km2 (0.36 sq mi)
Elevation[2] 12 m (39 ft)
Population (2017)[1]
 • Total 943
 • Density 1,003/km2 (2,600/sq mi)
Time zone UTC+01:00 (CET)
 • Summer (DST) UTC+02:00 (CEST)
Post Code 7260 Sistranda

Sistranda is the administrative centre of the municipality of Frøya in Trøndelag county, Norway. The village is located on the east side of the island of Frøya, about 4 kilometres (2.5 mi) north of the village of Hammarvika and the entrance to the Frøya Tunnel. The 0.94-square-kilometre (230-acre) village has a population (2017) of 943 which gives the village a population density of 1,003 inhabitants per square kilometre (2,600/sq mi).[1]

Sistranda has schools representing all levels up to high school. It is also the centre of transportation on the island of Frøya, with buses to locations around the region and ferries with daily routes to Trondheim, Mausund, Sula, and Froan.


The first element is the name of an old farm (Old Norse: Síða). The name of the farm is identical with the word síða which means "side" (here in the sense of the "coast"). The farm is today divided in three parts: Yttersian (Outer-Sian), Midtsian (Middle-Sian) and Innersian (Inner-Sian). The last element is the finite form of strand.[3]


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