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Sit 'n Spin is a popular preschool toy first introduced in the 1970s and currently produced by Playskool, a division of Hasbro.. Introduced by Kenner Toys (later bought by Hasbro) in Cincinnati, Ohio, it was invented by Jacob W Burkart Sr and John F Mayer in 1973 in Kenner's engineering department.[1] It came in a multitude of visual designs; however, all were multicolored (using some or all of the primary colors red, yellow, blue). It features a large circular two-part plastic base. One part is in contact with the ground, and is connected to a smaller concentric plastic disk above it. The other part of the base, another concentric circle, is free to spin about the axis. A child sits on this part of the base, cross-legged and straddling the pole, and turns the disk, spinning the child in the other direction.


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