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Sit 'n Spin is a popular preschool toy first introduced in the 1970s and currently produced by Playskool, a division of Hasbro.. Introduced by Kenner Toys (later bought by Hasbro) in Cincinnati, Ohio, it was invented by Jacob W Burkart Sr and John F Mayer in 1973 in Kenner's engineering department.[1] It came in a multitude of visual designs; however, all were multicolored (using some or all of the primary colors red, yellow, blue). It features a large circular two-part plastic base. One part is in contact with the ground, and is connected to a smaller concentric plastic disk above it. The other part of the base, another concentric circle, is free to spin about the axis. A child sits on this part of the base, cross-legged and straddling the pole, and turns the disk, spinning the child in the other direction. claims that the toy helps provide the vestibular input that calms children with autism, due to the fun nature of the item.[2]


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