Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Boat

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"Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Boat" is a song written by Frank Loesser and published in 1950. The song was introduced in the Broadway musical Guys and Dolls which opened at the 46th Street Theatre on November 24, 1950. In the context of the show, gambler Nicely-Nicely Johnson invents a dream about being saved from hell in order to bring together the members of the prayer meeting. It was performed on stage by Stubby Kaye who later reprised his role as Nicely-Nicely Johnson in the 1953 London production as well as the 1955 film version of the play.

It was recorded by Harpers Bizarre for their third album, The Secret Life of Harpers Bizarre. A cover of the song by Don Henley was featured in the soundtrack of the 1992 film Leap of Faith, and hit #13 on Billboard magazine's Adult Contemporary chart as an album cut in 1993. The song was also performed in the pilot episode of the show Glee in 2009, and then redone in the season 3 finale, "Goodbye," although it was never released as a single or on any album.[1] The song was also sung in the movie The Finest Hours.

The song is generally considered to be Guys and Dolls' 11 o'clock number.


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