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Sitamarhi (सीतामढ़ी)
Sitamarhi (सीतामढ़ी) is located in Bihar
Sitamarhi (सीतामढ़ी)
Sitamarhi (सीतामढ़ी)
Location in Bihar, India
Coordinates: 26°36′N 85°29′E / 26.6°N 85.48°E / 26.6; 85.48Coordinates: 26°36′N 85°29′E / 26.6°N 85.48°E / 26.6; 85.48
56 m (184 ft)
 • Total106,093
 • OfficialMaithili, Hindi
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
843302, 843301, 843331,843323
ISO 3166 codeIN-BR
Vehicle registrationBR-30
Lok Sabha constituencySitamarhi
Vidhan Sabha constituencySitamarhi

Sitamarhi is an Indian city and the district headquarters of the Sitamarhi district in the Mithila region of Bihar and is a part of the Tirhut Division. The Bihar government declared Sitamarhi a municipal council.[2]

A temple dedicated to Sita, the main person of the epic Ramayana, is located at Punaura Dham Sitamarhi.[3] A rock-cut sanctuary from the great Mauryan period is found near Sitamarhi.[4]

In 1875, the Sitamarhi sub-district was created within the Muzaffarpur district.[5] Sitamarhi was detached from the Muzaffarpur district and became a separate district on 11 December 1972.[6] It is situated in the northern part of Bihar. The district headquarters is located in Dumra, five kilometres (3 mi) south of Sita temple.[clarification needed]


Sitamarhi, located at 26°36′N 85°29′E / 26.6°N 85.48°E / 26.6; 85.48,[7] has an average elevation of 56 metres (184 ft).

There are multiple small towns that are famous in Sitamarhi, like Bairgania, Sursand and Bhitthamore which are located at Indo-Nepal border. Other famous places in Sitamarhi region are Bathnaha, Sonbarsa, Bajpatti, Pupri, Parihar and Runnisaidpur. Dumra is near Sitamarhi which is known for all the government offices.


Sitamarhi city has a total population of around 34,23,574. There are around 56,693 males and 49,400 females. The amount of literate males are 39,537, and the amount of literate females are 29,970. In total 69,507 people are literate. The average literacy rate is 52.04% in total, 60.64% for males, and 42.41% for females. The sex ratio is 899. The child sex ratio is 872.[8]

Religion in Sitamarhi (2011)[9]
Religion Percent

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Sitamarhi is a part of Tirhut Division. Presently Sitamarhi consists of three sub-divisions and seventeen blocks. Its headquarter is located at Dumra, five kilometers south of Sitamarhi. The district magistrate is the top-most official of revenue and civil administration and assisted by ADM[definition needed] and other officers, posted in the district. The district has been divided into three subdivisions, namely Sadar, Pupri (Vidhan Sabha constituency) and Belsand which are headed by sub-divisional officers either from I.A.S.[definition needed] or B.A.S.[definition needed] cadre. S.D.Os.[definition needed] are under the direct authority of D.M.[definition needed] Subdivisions are divided into 17 development blocks where B.D.Os.[definition needed] are posted who undertake development and welfare projects. Sitamarhi district has 845 revenue villages. The superintendent of police, Sitamarhi, is the head of the district police administration and is assisted by the deputy superintendent of police. In each subdivision of the district, the deputy superintendent of police are posted who keep control on police administration. The judges and Munshif magistrates are posted at district and sub-division who administer and deliver justice of different kinds.



National Highway 77 connects the area to the Muzaffarpur district and Patna. National Highways 77 and other roads connect to the adjoining districts. National Highway 104 (India) connects it to Sursand, Bhitthamore border, Charaut and Jaynagar . State highways link it to Madhubani district in the east and Sheohar in the west.

Sitamarhi Junction railway station is a five-platform station on the DarbhangaRaxaulNarkatiaganj line, which was converted to broad gauge in February 2014. Another broad-gauge track connects Sitamarhi to Muzaffarpur. Direct train services are available from Sitamarhi railway junction to places such as New Delhi, Kolkata, Varanasi, Lucknow, Guwahati (Kamakhya), Hyderabad, Kanpur and Mumbai.

The nearest airport to Sitamarhi is the Darbhanga Airport which is about 82 kilometres (51 mi) away.

Sitamarhi is connected to cities in and around Bihar by state-owned transport services. Many private buses (both AC and non-AC) operate between Sitamarhi and Patna.


Rama Navami is a spring festival in Dumra, widely celebrated with a large fair held to mark the occasion. Also in Janki Mandir popularly known as *Janki Asthan (temple with history from 1599) next to * Urjiva Kund (where Sita was found in the heart of the earth) a marriage ceremony of Lord Ram and Sita Mata happens every year.[10] Sama Chakeva is a prominent winter festival dedicated to celebrate brother-sister relationships.[11] This is a major cultural event with marriage ceremonies and many cultural rituals that take much preparation.[12]


Sitamarhi has an All India Radio (AIR) relay station known as Akashvani Sitamarhi, broadcasting on FM frequencies.[citation needed]


The following is a partial list of schools in Sitamarhi:

  • Front Age, Kiran Chowk
  • Bharati uchchangle Vidhayalaya Dumra in front of Hawaii field
  • Gyan Bharati Preparatory School, Purandaha Rajawara, Sonbarsa Sitamarhi
  • N.S.D.A.V. Public school
  • S.R.D.A.V. Public School, Pupri
  • Janki Vidya Niketan
  • Kendriya Vidyalaya Jawahar Nagar, Sutihara
  • Saraswati Vidya Mandir, Ring bandh
  • S.V. Rising Point school, Old Exchange Road, Mirchaipatti Sitamarhi
  • Vidya Bharati school, Shantinagar, Sitamarhi
  • Hellen's School Sitamarhi
  • Delhi Public School, Lagma
  • Brilliant Public School, Sitamarhi
  • R.O.S. Public School, Khairwa, Riga Road, Sitamarhi
  • Sacred Heart School
  • MP High School (Sitamarhi High School, Dumra) Anand Nagar, Talkhapur, Dumra
  • Mathura High School
  • Sri Gandhi High School, Parihar
  • Lakshmi High School
  • Kamala Girls High School
  • Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Sitamarhi (JNV Sitmarhi)
  • Sun Shine Public School, Shantinagar
  • State Middle School, Sundargama
  • Vidyamandir Classes in Sitamarhi
  • Sushila Singha PMKVY coaching center in Virta Tola Punaura
  • Holy Faith Public High School, Old Exchange Road
  • Genius Global Academy (Baath Asli)


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