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Emediate ApS
Industry Online Technology, Ad Serving
Founded 2001
Headquarters Copenhagen, Denmark
Number of locations
Area served
Key people
Jens Körner, Jonas Rundberg
Products EmediateAd, SiteScreen
Parent ad pepper media International N.V

SiteScreen is an online semantic advertising technology, developed by Crystal Semantics Limited, an UK-based developer of semantic technology for use by online media companies. The company was founded in 2001 by Ian Saunders and Professor David Crystal O.B.E, a world authority on language and the author of over 150 books on the subject of linguistics. Since October 2010, the leading Nordic ad serving provider Emediate has been in charge of sales, support and marketing of SiteScreen. Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, Emediate has offices in Sweden and the UK as well as resellers in Norway, Finland, Germany, Italy, Benelux and Brazil. Emediate and Crystal Semantics are both subsidiaries of ad pepper media International N.V., a publicly quoted international online advertising marketing company with 16 companies in eight European countries and the USA.

SiteScreen applies the principles of semantics to online advertising with solutions to block the placement of advertisements alongside internet content that could be seen as being controversial and therefore brand damaging.

About SiteScreen[edit]

SiteScreen filters out objectionable placements for brands – in the network, in channels and also within individual websites. As an intelligent, language-based filtering system, SiteScreen enables advertisers to exclude advertising contexts with which they do not wish their campaign to be associated. For this advertisers can choose various content themes or “categories”, like “Adult content & Nudity” or “Accidents & Disasters”.

The system analyses individual web pages, identifies undesirable content and prevents the placement of online advertising on unsuitable web pages. Undesirable environments can be found on small websites as well as high-coverage brand websites, e.g. a report on an accident on a news website, a negative travel report or a blog article.

The Technology - How SiteScreen works[edit]

The content themes chosen by the advertisers are the basis for the configuration of a SiteScreen campaign. This configuration is then built into custom SiteScreen campaign tags that can be trafficked in adservers as standard campaign tags. These tags enable the SiteSceen semantic technology to analyze webpages when a user visits them. This automated process takes a few milliseconds. In that time, the content has been analyzed and a result obtained. The result is then passed to the SiteScreen adserver to determine if the ad campaign should be delivered or if it should be blocked and an alternative ad served.


Themes that can be blocked at webpage level


  • Festival of Media Awards 2009: First place in the category "Communication Futures" for a semantic ad campaign via the iSense network [1]
  • European Seal of e-Excellence Award 2009: Second place for the Technology behind iSense and SiteScreen [2]
  • E-consultancy's Innovation in Affiliate Marketing Award 2008: First place in the category "Innovation in Online Advertising" for the SiteScreen network.[3]
  • IAB UK Award 2008 (Internet Advertising Bureau): "Digital Innovator of the Year" for the Technology behind iSense and SiteScreen(Link Internet Advertising Bureau)[4]

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