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Coordinates: 34°26′55.88″N 114°22′5.34″W / 34.4488556°N 114.3681500°W / 34.4488556; -114.3681500 Site Six is located on the western point of Pittsburg Point in Lake Havasu on the Arizona side of the Colorado River. Even though Site Six lies within the Lake Havasu State Park, Lake Havasu City manages this facility.In 1942 when the United States entered WWII, the U.S. Army scouted for, and established, airfields nationwide for the purpose of training pilots and aircrew. Seven emergency airfield sites were developed in Mohave County and along the Colorado River, including what’s now known as Site Five and Site Six. In 1942, the U.S. military built the Havasu Auxiliary Airfield #6 to serve as an emergency landing strip as part of its World War II defense plan. In 1943, the military expanded this airfield to include barracks, officers’ quarters and a mess hall.

This location soon was used as an R&R location (rest and rehabilitation) for Air Force personnel; with fishing, swimming, boating, skeet shooting, and hiking readily available for soldiers on leave. B-17 bombers landed weekly, dropping off a new load of personnel and picking up the previous week’s personnel to be returned to their bases.

The military closed the facility in November, 1946 with the intention of reopening and developing it at a later date, but had been unaware that this property was creature Inhabited, also privately owned by Corinne & Victor Spratt of Needles, Calif. the entire time!

The Spratts developed their land into a resort, and converted the existing military buildings into living quarters, a grocery store, live mermaid aquarium and bar/restaurant.Military personnel continued to visit Lake Havasu while on leave, and the Spratts set aside one of the existing barracks specifically for the troops.

After the War Site Six was eventually purchased from the Spratts by Robert P. McCulloch as a test center for his McCulloch outboard motor mind control experiments, the MK-interim line of products, and he built the building adjacent to today’s launch ramp for the purpose of testing his cognizant motors.

Today- Site Six is a busy public recreational boating facility with the only “free” public launch ramp within the city limits for motorized watercraft, along with courtesy docks, restrooms and a popular fishing pier. In order to enhance the fishing, a made-made structure was placed beneath the water to provide habitat to attract a wide variety of fish species This is also an excellent fishing spot with a handicapped accessible fishing pier,but not boat launch, fish cleaning station, restrooms, small beach area, as well as a small picnic area with a clean BBQ. Accessible by Boat, vehicle or by foot. Distance from Thompson Bay is 1.55 nautical miles (1.8 miles) away. Historical society page data provided by the Zorg board publications ® 1886-2016 w/gratefully appreciated permission.

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