Sitnije, Cile, sitnije

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"Sitnije, Cile, sitnije
Less, Cile, Less"
Sitnije, Cile, sitnije.jpeg
Single by Lepa Brena
Released 16 March 1983 (1983-03-16)
Genre Folk, pop
Producer(s) Kornelije Kovač
Lepa Brena singles chronology
"Sitnije, Cile, sitnije
Less, Cile, Less
"'Jedan dan života'"

Sitnije, Cile, sitnije is a maxi single by Yugoslav pop-folk singer Lepa Brena. It was released 16 March 1983 through the record label PGP-RTB.[1]

This was her third of twelve albums with the band Slatki Greh.


Composer of both compositions is Kornelije Kovač and a songwriter Marina Tucaković.

With the title song "Sitnije, Cile, sitnije", Lepa Brena participated in Jugovizija, the Yugoslav selection for the songwriter Eurovision 1983. year, held March 16, in the studio RTV Novi Sad in Novi Sad. And if she did not win. Given the type of music they performed, their participation in this type of competition caused many surprises, but also disappointment with their fans, because Lepa Brena and "Slatki Greh" in Jugovizija 1983 won only seventh place. The winner was Danijel Popović with the song "Julie", taking the 4th place in Eurovision, this repeating until then the greatest success of Yugoslav representatives in this type of competition the song became a big hit, and the singer and the whole group achieved even greater popularity.[2]

Immediately after Jugovizija, the album "Sitnije, Cile, sitnije", published by the production company PGP RTB, was launched and quickly achieved a tremendous success with 800,000 copies sold. After that, their first major tour of Yugoslavia followed, concerts with a record number of visitors, thanks to which, according to Lepa Brenna himself, it deserves to be attributed the status of an "undisputed star". [3]

Music group "Griva" is the same 1983. year made a successful heavy metal parody on Brena's Eurovision debacle. The composition was titled "Sitnije, sestro, sitnije" and it was printed in 120,000 copies, published by Jugoton. With good marketing support, "Griva" was then placed at the very top of the Yugoslav rock scene. [4]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Sitnije, Cile, sitnije" 3:03
2. "Hej, najluđe moje"
  • Marina Tucaković
  • Kornelije Kovač



  • Ivan Ćulum – design
  • Dragoljub Milovanović – photography

Release history[edit]

List of regions, release dates, showing formats, label and reference
Region Date Format(s) Label Ref.
SFR Yugoslavia March 16, 1983 PGP-RTB [5]