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Sitra Mall is a multi-storey mall located in Sitra, Bahrain. It opened in 2006 and covers an area of 46,838 square meter.[1] It is located adjacent to Tubli Bay and neighbors Al Noor International School and a Toyota/Lexus car showroom. The mall can hold up to 118 outlets. It is the first and only mall in Bahrain that has a waterfront view.[2]

It was also the first mall to ban smoking in public.[3] As a result of the 2011 civil unrest that gripped the kingdom and local violence in Sitra, the mall has turned into a dead mall, as the violence deters future tenants from the mall.[4]


The mall contains many fashion stores and houses the first and only branch of Le Marche, the hypermarket, in Bahrain. It also features a parking lot that can hold up to 850 vehicles.[5]

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