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Joint-stock company
Founded 1997
Headquarters Moscow, Russia
Parent Sistema

Sitronics (Russian: Ситро́никс) is a microelectronics company based in Moscow, Russia and controlled by Sistema holding, that also manufactures mobile phones. Its main assets are the electronics fabs, research and development facilities NIIME and Mikron in Zelenograd, and other facilities elsewhere in Eastern Europe.

Despite losses in 2007, the company is planning to remain a part of Sistema and to expand its product portfolio [1], bidding for large telecommunications contracts such as a $1 billion deal to build a network in Saudi Arabia.[2]


Sitronics was founded in 1997 in Zelenograd and was initially named "Scientific Center". In January 2005 its headquarters was moved to Moscow and in November 2005 the company got its current name. On February 7, 2007 the company placed an IPO on the London Stock Exchange.[3] Through a series of acquisitions it has become a leading Russian microelectronics company with revenues exceeding $1 billion in the first 9 months of 2007. [4]


The company will produce nano-SIM cards on orders from one of Russia’s big three mobile phone operators to be used in new Apple iPhones. The first batch will comprise about 50,000 cards that will be used in iPhone 5 gadgets. [1]

Sitronics also makes an array of mobile phones.[2]


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