Sitting Down Here

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"Sitting Down Here"
Single by Lene Marlin
from the album Playing My Game
Released September 27, 1999
Format CD single
Recorded Disclab, Oslo, Norway
Genre Pop
Length 3:55
Label Virgin
Writer(s) Lene Marlin
Producer(s) Hans G
Jorn Dahl
Lene Marlin singles chronology
"Unforgivable Sinner"
"Sitting Down Here"
"Where I'm Headed"
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"Sitting Down Here" is a pop song written by Norwegian singer-songwriter Lene Marlin for Marlin's 1999 debut album, Playing My Game. The song is the album's opening track, and was released as its second single, peaking at #5 in the UK Singles Chart (see 2000 in British music).

Song information[edit]

"Sitting Down Here" is a pop song composed in common time and has the standard verse-chorus form. Its instrumentation comes mainly from the guitar.[1]

Formats and track listings[edit]

These are the formats and track listings of major single releases of "Sitting Down Here".

  • CD single (1999)
  1. "Sitting Down Here" 3:57
  2. "The Way We Are" (live acoustic version)
  • CD single maxi (1999)
  1. "Sitting Down Here" (original version)
  2. "Playing My Game" (acoustic version)
  3. "I Know" (2:23)
  • French CD single
  1. "Sitting Down Here" (original version)
  2. "Sitting Down Here" (Tin Tin Out mix)
  • UK CD single maxi (2000)
  1. "Sitting Down Here" (original version)
  2. "Sitting Down Here" (Tin Tin Out mix) 3:49
  3. "Playing My Game" (acoustic version)
  4. Sitting Down Here (Video)
  • UK cassette (2000)
  1. "Sitting Down Here" (original version)
  2. "Sitting Down Here" (Tin Tin Out mix)
  3. "Playing My Game" (acoustic version)

Credits and personnel[edit]


Chart (1999/2000)[2][3] Peak
Austrian Singles Chart 38
Belgium Singles Chart (Vl) 44
Belgium Singles Chart (Wa) 31
Dutch Top 40 7
Finnish Singles Chart 4
French Singles Chart 48
Italian Singles Chart 5
Norwegian Singles Chart 2
New Zealand Singles Chart 4
Swedish Singles Chart 18
UK Singles Chart 5

Other versions[edit]

Sandy Lam recorded a Mandarin cover version of "Sitting Down Here" as <<我坐在這裡>> for her 2000 album 林憶蓮's.


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