Siu Nim Tao

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Siu Nim Tao
Traditional Chinese小念頭
Simplified Chinese小念头
Literal meaninglittle thought/idea

Siu Nim Tao or Siu Lim Tao is the first open-hand form, or taolu, of Wing Chun kung fu. The name is a loose translation of the Cantonese pronunciation of the Chinese characters "小念頭" (Pinyin: xiăo niàn tóu/Jyutping: siu2 nim6 tau4). Several other translations are used by different organisations. The second form is called Chum Kiu.

Other aspects[edit]

Siu Nim Tao can be used as a form of moving and breathing meditation. In addition, it increases student concentration and focus. The form is also used extensively to develop forward energy in Wing Chun practitioners.[citation needed]

Demonstrations of the form[edit]

Although many of the movements are similar, Siu Nim Tao varies significantly between schools and branches.

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  • Siu Nim Tao - Sequence details Siu Nim Tau in photographs, shown courtesy of Marcelo Navarro, School Moy Yat Ving Tsun Kuen Europe.