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Siumu is a village on the central south coast of Upolu island in Samoa. The population is 1,092 (2006 Census).[1] There is also a sub-village Siumu Uta which has a population of 206 (2006 Census).

Siumu Electoral Constituency[edit]

Samoan fire dancer siva afi

Siumu Electoral Constituency (Faipule District) comprise the villages of Siumu, Siumu Uta, Maninoa and Saaga.[2] The constituency has a total population of 2,224 and is part of the larger political district Tuamasaga.[1]

Fire dancing[edit]

Known for its fire dancers,[3] a 5-year-old girl from the village demonstrating a siva afi (or fire stick dance) was one of the principal performers at the opening ceremony to the 2007 Pacific Games at Apia Park.[4]


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Coordinates: 14°00′29″S 171°46′44″W / 14.008°S 171.779°W / -14.008; -171.779