Siva Sri Paskarakurukkal

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Siva Sri Paskarakurukkal is a German-based Sri Lankan Tamil priest and the present pontiff of the Sri Kamadchi Ampal Temple in Hamm, the second largest Hindu temple in Europe.

Paskarakurukkal went to Germany in 1984 fleeing the civil war in Sri Lanka. In 1989 he started performing pujas in the basement of his flat. In 2000, the works of the present temple started. The building of the temple finished in July 2002 and 3000 Hindus celebrated the opening ceremony.

2012 assault[edit]

Paskarakurukkal was attacked by five masked men in his house in Hamm-Uentrop on 9 November 2012. He and his family were tied with ropes. He was sprayed with pepper spray and was hit several times. 20 minutes after the robbers, who stole jewellery and money from the family, left the building, Paskarakurukkal's wife freed herself and called the police. The robbers also destroyed decorations and different sacred items in the nearby temple. There were no arrests.