Six: The Mark Unleashed

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Six: The Mark Unleashed
Poster of the movie Six-The Mark Unleashed.jpg
Directed byKevin Downes
Produced byBobby Downes
Kevin Downes
Cosimo Michael Occhipinti
David A. R. White
Written byKevin Downes
Chipper Lowell
David A. R. White
StarringStephen Baldwin
Eric Roberts
Kevin Downes
David A. R. White
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Music byMarc Fantini
Steffan Fantini
CinematographyPhilip Hurn
Edited byJeffrey Lee Hollis
Distributed byTrinity Broadcasting Network
Release date
June 29, 2004 (2004-06-29)
Running time
104 minutes
CountryUnited States

Six: The Mark Unleashed is a 2004 Christian action-drama film directed by Kevin Downes and starring Stephen Baldwin, Kevin Downes, David A. R. White, Eric Roberts, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. It was released June 29, 2004,[1] and debuted at #6 on the Christian Booksellers Association Best Sellers List.[2]


The film is set in the end-times, or The Great Tribulation, after the rapture, when the earth has been taken over, and the mark of the Beast - an implant in the right hand or forehead - is being imposed on everyone worldwide. Those who take the mark become part of 'The Community', those who refuse are imprisoned and after three weeks are beheaded.

Two non-Christian renegades (Kevin Downes and David A. R. White) steal a car for a friend who has also refused the mark. When they arrive at his place they find that he changed his mind and took the mark and "feels so much happier". The two are then captured by police and taken to prison.

Smuggler Tom Newman (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is also captured by a police unit led by Jeseca Newman (Amy Moon), his ex-wife who took the mark. He is tortured until he agrees to infiltrate a Christian group in the prison in order to kill Elijah Cohen, a Christian leader who remains at large. Jeseca warns him if he tries to escape, he will be captured and turned over to Preston Scott (Brad Heller), to be tortured.

All three of them meet in prison and decide to try and escape, to a place called Prodigal City, a safe haven. Brody and Tom do not like this city and try to leave. Preston Scott meets up with them, and the two men are tortured. Tom refuses the mark and is beheaded, but Brody accepts, and claims, "It was the wrong choice."


Critical reception[edit]

Reviews were overwhelmingly negative, with film critic David Nusair calling it "An utterly worthless piece of work" and giving it zero out of four stars.[3] It received a score of 3.9 out of 10 on IMDb.[4] Evangelical publications were much kinder. Christian Ted Baehr of MOVIEGUIDE described it as "An entertaining movie and a useful tool for leading people to consider the claims of the Gospel." Christian author John Hagee said of the film: “The power of the gospel to transform the lives of the characters is shown with deeply moving reality. So real is the presentation of the plan of salvation in this movie, the viewer will be left without excuse.” Evangelist Jack Van Impe was quoted as saying: “Both Rexella and I believe this to be the greatest religious release we have ever watched. I know you will be tremendously moved as never before when viewing this Holy Spirit led production.”[2]


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