Six Bullets

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For the feature-length film, see Six Bullets (2012 film).
Six Bullets
Six Bullets DVD.png
Directed by Graham Killeen
Written by Graham Killeen
Starring Steven Koehler
Rachel Ogi
James Iaquinta
Lori Minnetti
Cinematography Jon Kline
Release date
  • July 10, 2007 (2007-07-10)
Running time
27 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget US$20,000

Six Bullets is an independent short western film written and directed by Graham Killeen. The film's narrative centers on a family torn apart by the work of an evil demon. It was Killeen's directorial debut and is credited with earning him the "Best Local Filmmaker" award from the Milwaukee Newspaper Shepherd Express in 2006. Signal Fire Films funded the film and is currently submitting it to the American film festival circuit.[citation needed]


The first draft of the script was completed by Killeen in Wisconsin in January 2004. Various rewrites, preproduction meetings, and funding meetings took up the bulk of Killeen's time until filming began in earnest in May 2005 and concluded in November 2006. Filming was primarily in Southeastern Wisconsin, but some second unit photography was completed in South Dakota and Minnesota. The earliest versions of the film were audience tested in June 2006, after which the film was drastically re-edited and completed in February 2007. Special visual effects were created by Little Fish Digital Studios in Wisconsin, and audio was completed by Brandaudio in Minnesota.[citation needed]


(partial list)
Father - Steven Koehler
Daughter - Rachel Ogi
Mother - Amanda Shalhoub
Clown - Lori Minnetti
Witch - Donna Gawell-Mueller
Twin #1 - Ben Boyd
Twin #2 - Richard Sheski

Soundtrack and score[edit]

The original score to Six Bullets was composed by the electronica band Endless Blue and produced by Nick Mitchell, with additional support and musicians from Minneapolis, Minnesota. The score explores the traditional "downtempo" feel of previous Endless Blue recordings, but is infused with less typical instruments, including acoustic guitar, Native American rhythm instruments, strings, and piano. The soundtrack CD of the movie was released in April 2007.[citation needed]

Festivals and awards[edit]

The film has been featured at a number of film festivals:

Festivals and Awards
Date Festival and Award
10 July 2007 NYC Downtown Short Film Festival
21 July 2007 Pencil Head's Dusk Til Dawn Film Fest - Best Action/Adventure Film
15 September 2007 Independents' Film Festival
28 October 2007 B-Movie Film Festival


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