Six Pounds of Sound

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Six Pounds Of Sound
Studio album by Taintstick
Released October 27, 2009
Genre Metal, comedy rock
Label Suburban Noize

Six Pounds of Sound is the first full-length album by American metal comedy rock band Taintstick. It was released on October 27, 2009.

Track listing[edit]

Six Pounds of Sound contains 13 tracks

  1. "Balls"
  2. "Six Pounds of Sound"
  3. "Apple Juice"
  4. "Motodick"
  5. "Handjob"
  6. "Monkeys of War"
  7. "Load"
  8. "Fuck Your Face"
  9. "A6k"
  10. "Sir Eagle Cock III"
  11. "Dr. Banger’s Mix"
  12. "I Love Tiger, I Love Fifty"
  13. "F*k Ur Face (Clean Version)"

Reception and Chart Performance[edit]

Six Pounds of Sound peaked at #10 on the American iTunes Top Albums Chart, and #11 on the Canadian iTunes Albums Chart.



  • Jason "Tit Cobra" Ellis – vocals
  • Josh "Tussinwolf" Richmond – bass, cowbell, keys
  • Michael "Shaft Burn" Tully – lead guitar
  • Christian "Shoebox" Hand - drums

Guest Musicians

  • Matthew DiPanni (Guitars on 'Handjob')
  • Michael Vincze (Guitars on 'Handjob')