Sixteenmile Creek (Ontario)

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Sixteenmile Creek
Country Canada
Province Ontario
Region Southwestern Ontario
County Elgin
Municipality West Elgin
Part of Great Lakes Basin
Source field
 - elevation 215 m (705 ft)
 - coordinates 42°35′14″N 81°41′05″W / 42.58722°N 81.68472°W / 42.58722; -81.68472
Mouth Lake Erie
 - elevation 173 m (568 ft)
 - coordinates 42°30′22″N 81°36′46″W / 42.50611°N 81.61278°W / 42.50611; -81.61278Coordinates: 42°30′22″N 81°36′46″W / 42.50611°N 81.61278°W / 42.50611; -81.61278
Location of the mouth of Sixteenmile Creek in southern Ontario

Sixteenmile Creek is a stream in the municipality of West Elgin, Elgin County in Southwestern Ontario, Canada.[1] It is part of the Great Lakes Basin, and flows from a point just south of Ontario Highway 401 east of exit 129 through the community of Rodney, past the community of New Glasgow, to its mouth at the community of Port Glasgow on Lake Erie.


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