Sixth Menzies Ministry

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The Sixth Menzies Ministry was the thirty-seventh Australian Commonwealth ministry, and ran from 9 July 1954 to 11 January 1956.[1]

Liberal Party of AustraliaAustralian Country Party Coalition

  • Rt Hon Robert Menzies, CH QC MP: Prime Minister
  • Rt Hon Arthur Fadden, MP: Treasurer (CP)
  • Hon Eric Harrison, MP: Minister for Defence Production, Vice-President of the Executive Council. Minister for the Army, Minister for the Navy (from 7 November 1955)
  • Hon Harold Holt, MP: Minister for Labour and National Service, Minister for Immigration
  • Hon John McEwen, MP: Minister for Commerce and Agriculture (CP)
  • Rt Hon Richard Casey, CH DSO MC MP: Minister for External Affairs, Minister in charge of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
  • Hon Philip McBride, MP: Minister for Defence
  • Senator Hon John Spicer, QC: Attorney-General. Minister for Shipping and Transport (14 September 1955 to 27 September 1955).
  • Senator Hon Neil O'Sullivan: Minister for Trade and Customs
  • Hon Howard Beale, MP: Minister for Supply
  • Senator Hon George McLeay: Minister for Shipping and Transport (to 14 September 1955)
  • Hon Larry Anthony, MP: Postmaster-General (CP)
  • Rt Hon Sir Earle Page, GCMG CH MP: Minister for Health (CP)
  • Hon Josiah Francis, MP: Minister for the Army, Minister for the Navy (to 7 November 1955)
  • Senator Hon Bill Spooner: Minister for National Development
  • Senator Hon Walter Cooper: Minister for Repatriation (CP)
  • Hon Paul Hasluck, MP: Minister for Territories
  • Hon Wilfrid Kent Hughes: Minister for the Interior, Minister for Works
  • Hon William McMahon, MP: Minister for Social Services
  • Hon Athol Townley, MP: Minister for Air, Minister for Civil Aviation
  • Senator Hon Shane Paltridge: Minister for Shipping and Transport (from 27 September 1955)


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