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Sixty-Six Books was a set of plays premiered at the Bush Theatre in 2011, to mark the theatre's reopening on a new site and the 400th anniversary of the King James Version. It drew its title from the 66 books of the Bible. The special show ran from 10 October 10 to 29 October 2011, with special 24-hour shows on 15 and 29 October; the production featured 130 actors, including Miranda Raison, Ralf Little, Billy Bragg, and Rafe Spall.

List of plays[edit]

Book Title Author Cast / notes
Genesis Godblog Jeanette Winterson Catherine Tate
Exodus The Crossing Anne Michaels
Leviticus The Foundation Caroline Bird
Numbers The Opening of the Mouth Neil Bartlett
Deuteronomy The Rules Maha Khan Philips
Joshua Sole Fide - By Faith Alone Daisy Hasan
Judges Beardy Tom Wells
Ruth The Book of Ruth (and Naomi) Stella Duffy Kate Duchêne and Nikki Amuka-Bird
1 Samuel David and Goliath Andrew Motion Malcolm Sinclair
2 Samuel Thus Spake Orunmila ... Wole Soyinka
1 Kings The Suleman Roy Williams
2 Kings Two Bears Sam Burns
1 Chronicles The Chronicle Salena Godden
2 Chronicles From Solomon to Cyrus the Great Tim Rice
Ezra The Strange Wife Naomi Foyle
Nehemiah When he had been loved ... Mandla Langa
Esther Hadassah Jackie Kay
Job In the Land of Uz Neil LaBute
Psalms When We Praise Kwame Kwei-Armah
Proverbs Notes for a Young Gentleman Toby Litt
Ecclesiastes The Preacher, or How Ecclesiastes Changed My Life Nancy Kricorian
Song of Solomon The Beauty of the Church Carol Ann Duffy
Isaiah All the trees of the field Ian McHugh
Jeremiah A Lost Expression Luke Kennard
Lamentations Halter-Neck Paul Muldoon
Ezekiel The Fair and Tender Owen Sheers
Daniel Oliver Lewis Jack Thorne Miranda Raison and Dominic Mafham
Hosea Fugitive Motel Nick Payne
Joel I Notice the Sound First Yemsi Blake
Amos Amos the Shepherd Curses the Rulers of Ancient Israel Michael Rosen
Obadiah The House Next Door Nancy Harris
Jonah Cetacean Nick Laird
Micah Flare Adam Foulds
Nahum God is Jealous Moira Buffini
Habakkuk Habaccuc Dreams Trevor Griffiths
Zephaniah In the night, a promise Helen Edmundson
Haggai it is having fallen out of grace Suheir Hammad
Zechariah The End of the Alphabet Elinor Cook
Malachi When You Left I Thought I'd Die But Now I'm Fine Molly Naylor
Matthew A Nobody Laura Dockrill
Mark Capernaum Steve Waters
Luke Do Unto Others Billy Bragg
John Lazarus Rowan Williams[1]
Acts Acts Lachlan Mackinnon
Romans The Man Who Came to Brunch Amy Rosenthal
1 Corinthians Without Love Matt Charman
2 Corinthians The Wood Orchid Wena Poon
Galatians The Transgressor Deirdre Kinahan
Ephesians Ephesus-Schmephesus Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran
Philippians The Loss of All Things Chris Goode
Colossians Uncool Religion Zukiswa Wanner
1 Thessalonians Paul's First Voicemail to Thessa D C Jackson
2 Thessalonians Falling Away Christopher Shinn
1 Timothy Concerning Faith David Edgar
2 Timothy Hand-Me-Downs James Graham
Titus A Sunday Sermon Anya Reiss
Philemon The Letter Kamila Shamsie
Hebrews The Middle Man Anthony Weigh Shaun Dingwall, Syrus Lowe
James Salvation and Justification Reprised Anew Brian Chikwava
1 Peter Snow in Sheffield Helen Mort
2 Peter False Teachers Suhayla El Bushra
1 John Something, Someone, Somewhere David Eldridge
2 John Men in Verse Nathalie Handal
3 John Room 303 Enda Walsh
Epistle of Jude The Goat at Midnight Anne Carson
Revelations Endpapers Kate Mosse


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