Sixtyfive Cadillac

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Sixtyfive Cadillac
Sixtyfive Cadillac - 20th Anniversary Concert 12.jpg
Sixtyfive Cadillac — Highenergysoulshow celebrating their 20th anniversary in 2010
Background information
Origin Bad Fallingbostel, Germany
Genres Rhythm and blues, Blues, Rock
Years active 1990–present
Labels Like It Is Records

Sixtyfive Cadillac — High Energy Soul Show (or: 65 Cadillac) is a ten piece rhythm 'n' blues big band from Bad Fallingbostel (Lower Saxony, Germany).

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The band[edit]

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The history[edit]

Sixtyfive Cadillac was founded in 1990. After preliminary rehearsals in June the group played their first concert on August 25, 1990, for over a five hundred fans in legendary “Welcome” club in Hützel north of Soltau, Germany.

Almost five hundred concerts in Germany, Luxembourg, and Poland have followed, as well as numerous radio and TV appearances till now.


Studio albums[edit]

  • “Sixtyfive Cadillac”, (Like It Is Records, LII 098001) (1998)
  • “2”, (Like It Is Records, LII 002001) (2002)
  • “Five Songs”, (Like It Is Records, LII 012001) (2012)

Sampler CDs[edit]

  • “10 Jahre Blues-Matinee Garbsen” (1 Track), 2009


  • Matthias Blazek: Das niedersächsische Bandkompendium 1963-2003 –— Daten und Fakten von 100 Rockgruppen aus Niedersachsen, Celle 2006, ISBN 978-3-00-018947-0

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