Siyadumisa (Songs of Praise)

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Siyadumisa (Songs of Praise)
CDBULA 203.jpg
Studio album by Mahotella Queens
Released May 2007
Recorded 2007
Genre Mbaqanga, Mgqashiyo, Gospel
Length 40:00 approx.
Label Bula Music/AS Entertainment
Producer Jabu Sibumbe, Ian Osrin
Mahotella Queens chronology
Siyadumisa (Songs of Praise)

Siyadumisa (Songs of Praise) is a 2007 album by the South African mbaqanga group the Mahotella Queens. The album is the first gospel-orientated album by the Queens, and features the voice of lead singer Hilda Tloubatla's son, Alfred "Ali" Temo.[1] The album was released in May 2007 in South Africa on the Bula Music label, and was a joint venture between Bula and AS Entertainment (the Queens' management). It is as yet unknown when the album will receive its US and UK release (though it is expected to be issued internationally in 2008).

During the making of the album, the group's bass guitarist Madoda Ntshingila was injured in a car accident, and at the last minute the acclaimed bassist Jabu Sibumbe was roped in to replace Ntshingila.[2] A tragedy also occurred during the production: the Queens had recruited a new lead guitarist, John Papo, whom they described as "very beautiful, when he plays guitar he is just like Marks Mankwane".[3] Tragically Papo died after only a week recording on the album.

Songs on the album include "Ebenezer" (the opening song to the Queens' concerts) and "Usathane Uyadelela" ("Satan Is Wayward") as well as a re-recording of "Bonang Suna", a song the Queens originally recorded in the late 1980s.[4] Also included are several Zulu hymns rearranged by the Queens into a gospel-mbaqanga style.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Umlingi" (Comp.: Nobesuthu Mbadu)
  2. "Lenjabulo" (Comp.: Traditional / Mildred Mangxola)
  3. "Bonang Suna" (Comp.: Hilda Tloubatla)
  4. "Ebenezer" (Comp.: Hilda Tloubatla)
  5. "Usathane Uyadelela" (Comp.: Traditional / Mildred Mangxola)
  6. "Thixo Bawo" (Comp.: Traditional / Mildred Mangxola)
  7. "Batswarele" (Comp.: Hilda Tloubatla)
  8. "Kheth'eyakho" (Comp.: Traditional / Mildred Mangxola)
  9. "Siza Ubenami" (Comp.: Nobesuthu Mbadu)
  10. "Sisho Udumo" (Comp.: Traditional / Hilda Tloubatla)
  11. "Umkhwezeli" (Comp.: Traditional / Nobesuthu Mbadu)
  12. "It Is Well" (Comp.: Traditional / Hilda Tloubatla)





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