Size Small

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Size Small
Size Small.PNG
Starring Helen Lumby
John Lumby Jr.
Jeff Lumby
Lisa Lumby-Richards
Country of origin Canada
No. of episodes 65
Executive producer(s) Stan Thomas
Running time 26:50
Original network CKND-TV
Original release 1982 – 1995

Size Small was a Canadian children's television series first produced in 1982. Written by and starring the Lumby family, characters included Miss Helen (played by Helen Lumby), Oliver (John Lumby Jr.), Grandma Gussie (Lisa Lumby-Richards), Tex (Jeff Lumby), and Friend Record, a giant record who plays the spoons. Other characters included puppets such as Hatchet (a beaver), Renfrew (a dog), Gasper (a skunk), Cooter (a coyote) and the triplets Webster, Dee Dee and Tug.

Friend Record from an episode of Size Small Island.

The show was a huge hit in Canada and around the world; it also aired on some PBS member stations in the United States, at least during 1987.[1] Spin-offs included Size Small Country (1983) and Size Small Island (1986). A Size Small Christmas special was also produced in 1984.

Size Small was originally produced in Winnipeg, Manitoba at CKND-TV.[citation needed] The show's production would later move in 1987 to CFSK-TV in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; when CFSK and its sister station in Regina, CFRE-TV, first went on the air on September 6, 1987, Helen Lumby hosted a 30-minute special "signing on" broadcast that was the first program aired on both stations.

Approximately 16 Size Small records were produced, featuring songs performed on the show. They were advertised at the end of every episode of the TV show, where they could be purchased by mail order.

The show re-aired on YTV in the early 1990s, with advertisements for the records removed.


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