Sjoerd De Jong

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Sjoerd De Jong
Sjoerd De Jong.jpg
De Jong at the 2014 Nordic Game Conference in Malmö, Sweden
Other namesHourences
OccupationGame developer
Years active1999–present

Sjoerd De Jong, also known as Hourences, is a Dutch-Belgian game developer, level designer and the founder of Teotl Studios. He also serves as evangelist for Epic Games, promoting Unreal Engine 4 in the northern half of Europe.


De Jong started making levels for computer games at the age of 15, when he purchased a copy of Unreal in 1999.[2][3] Shortly after, he started to make a name for himself in the Unreal community, not only for the many maps he released, but also for his work on popular Unreal Tournament mods such as "Operation Na Pali", "Xidia" and "Jailbreak". With a few more custom maps and contributions to mods for Unreal Tournament 2003, he was contracted by Epic Games to create 6 maps for Unreal Tournament 2004,[4] two of which were also included in the demo. Since then, he has worked on several games, including Killzone, The Chronicles of Spellborn and Huxley.[5]

In March 2010, following his work on Syndicate, he founded Teotl Studios.[6] The studio's first project was the first-person action-adventure game The Ball, which was originally a mod for Unreal Tournament 3.[7][8][9] His most recent work, The Solus Project, came out in 2016.[10][11]

Video game credits[edit]


  • The Hows and Whys of the Games Industry (2007). Self-published
  • The Hows and Whys of Level Design (2008). Self-published


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