Sjunkhatten National Park

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Sjunkhatten National Park
IUCN category II (national park)
Sjunkhatten National Park logo.svg
Location Bodø, Fauske and Sørfold in Nordland, Norway
Nearest city Bodø
Coordinates 67°24′N 15°00′E / 67.4°N 15°E / 67.4; 15Coordinates: 67°24′N 15°00′E / 67.4°N 15°E / 67.4; 15
Area 417.5 km2 (161.2 sq mi)
Established 5 February 2010
Governing body Directorate for Nature Management

Sjunkhatten National Park (Norwegian: Sjunkhatten nasjonalpark) was established in 2010. The park consists of a 417.5-square-kilometre (161.2 sq mi) continuously protected area, including 39.8-square-kilometre (15.4 sq mi) sea area. It is located in Nordland county, Norway, and it covers parts of the municipalities of Bodø, Fauske, and Sørfold. The park includes glacier-formed landscape, caves and water systems, fjords, the large lake Heggmovatnet, rare animal species, and cultural heritage.[1][2]

Towards Sjunkhatten National Park.jpg


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