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The Skåneleden Trail is a long distance walking trail that stretches all over the beautiful countryside of Skåne, situated in the very south of Sweden. The trail is over 1000 kilometres long and divided into five separate trails, with a total of over 90 sections. The trail can easily be recognized by the orange trail marks along the footpath. The trail runs from the west to east and from north to south and passes through a highly diversified landscape such as rocky coastlines, undulating ridges, deep forests and white sandy beaches.

Throughout the trail, there are about 90 permanent windshields for overnighting. The Skåneleden Trail is included in the 5000 kilometre long North Sea Trail, which passes through Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

The five separate trails of the Skåneleden Trail are:

• SL 1 Kust till kustleden (i.e. Coast to Coast Trail), 370 km (two divisions, East and West), stretching from Sölvesborg in the east to Ängelholm in the west.

• Sl 2 Nord-sydleden (i.e. North to South Trail), 337 km (two divisions, North and South), stretching from Hårsjö (west of Vittsjö) in the north to Trelleborg in the south. The southern section passes through Dalby Söderskog, Skåne's smallest and oldest national park.

• SL 3 Ås-åsleden (i.e. Ridge to Ridge Trail), 162 km - Stretching from Åstorp to Brösarp. This part of the Skåneleden Trail runs through Söderåsens National Park - Skåne's largest national park.

• SL 4 Österlenleden (i.e. South-eastern Coastal Trail), 188 km, starting and ending in Ystad. Between the cities of Simrishamn and Kivik the trail passes through Stenshuvud National Park. The northern part of the trail passes through Brösarps Backar (Brösarps slopes).

• SL 5 Öresundsleden (i.e. Öresund Trail), 211 km - Stretching from Utvälinge in the north to Malmö in the south. A detached part of the Öresundsleden trail runs from Foteviken bay to the Falsterbo Canal.

The County Council of the region of Scania is the head of development and marketing of Skåneleden Trail. On behalf of Region Skåne, The Scanian Landscape Foundation manages the trail, including functions of coordinating the municipal work and the contact with the visitors. The municipalities are in turn responsible for the maintenance of the trail.

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