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Nickname(s): Solskinsbyen (The Sunshine Town)
Country Denmark
Region Zealand (Sjælland)
Municipality Slagelse

Skælskør[pronunciation?] is a town in Slagelse municipality on the Danish island of Zealand. The town has a population of 6,532 (1 January 2015).[1] Administratively, the town is in Region Zealand (Region Sjælland) and is home to one of Denmark's largest breweries, the Harboe Brewery.

Historically a harbour for traffic between Zealand and Funen. Korsør became the preferred port when the harbour there was ordered settled. Skælskør Fjord is difficult to navigate, and was one of the last waters in Denmark that legally required a pilot on recreational boats.

Skælskør is also the home town of "Saturday Night" singer Whigfield.


Coordinates: 55°15′N 11°18′E / 55.250°N 11.300°E / 55.250; 11.300