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Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP and Affiliates
Headquarters Condé Nast Building
New York City
United States[1]
No. of offices 23
No. of attorneys 1,886 [2]
No. of employees 4,500 (estimate)
Major practice areas Mergers and acquisitions, litigation and arbitration, corporate finance, corporate restructuring, securities law, banking, project finance, energy and infrastructure, antitrust, tax and intellectual property, among others[3]
Key people Eric J. Friedman[4]
Executive partner
Earle Yaffa[5]
Managing director
Revenue US$ 2.17 billion (2011)[6]
Date founded April 1, 1948
Founder Marshall Skadden, John Slate, and Les Arps
Company type Limited liability partnership

Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP and Affiliates (often shortened to Skadden Arps; Skadden; or SASM&F), founded in 1948, is an international law firm based in New York City. With nearly 2,000 attorneys, it is one of the highest-grossing law firms in the world.[7] Forbes magazine called Skadden "Wall Street's most powerful law firm," and the firm has been named as America's best Corporate Law firm every year since 2001.[8][9]


  • 1948 — The firm was founded in New York by Marshall Skadden, John Slate and Les Arps.
  • 1954 — Peter Mullen became a partner.
  • 1959William Meagher joined the firm. Elizabeth Head, the firm's first female attorney, was hired.
  • 1961 — The firm's name became Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom.
  • 1973 — The firm opened its Boston office, the firm's second.
  • 1981Peggy L. Kerr became the first female partner.[10]
  • 1985 — Skadden became one of the U.S.'s three largest law firms.
  • 1987 — The firm opened its first international office in Tokyo.
  • 1988 — The firm founded the Skadden Fellowship Foundation.
  • 2000 — New York City headquarters moved to 4 Times Square, also called the "Condé Nast Building."
  • 2011Joseph Flom, the last living name partner, dies.[11]


As of July 2016, Skadden has 22 offices worldwide.[12]

Key people[edit]

As of February 2011, there are 432 partners at Skadden.[13] As of 2015, there are 326 US partners.[14] Unlike some firms that have introduced two-tier partnerships with equity and non-equity partners, Skadden maintains a one-tier partnership, in which all partners are equity partners and share ownership of the firm.[15] Among the more notable partners and Counsel are:


Skadden's world headquarters in the Condé Nast Building

In 2014, Skadden was the fourth largest law firm in the U.S. by revenue;[21] in 2010 it was the second-largest in the world by revenue.[7][22] Skadden had about 1,886[2] attorneys in 23 offices in 2011.[23] The total number of employees at the firm is nearly 4,200. Measured by the number of attorneys, Skadden is the second-largest law firm in the state of New York, the sixth largest in the United States.[2] In 2010, the National Law Journal ranked Skadden 4th in its list of the 250 largest law firms in the United States.[citation needed] In 1995, Forbes's Largest Private Companies ranked Skadden as 335th[24] on the list of the largest private U.S. companies by revenue. By 2003 Skadden had risen to 194th[25] before falling back to 213th[26] in 2010.

According to a branche-internal survey by in 2015, Skadden is the third most prestigious law firm to work for in the United States,[27] and according to the advisory firm FTI Consulting, Skadden has been named as the America's best Corporate Law firm in 2013 (a position held since 2001).[8]

Other work[edit]

Skadden Fellowship Foundation[edit]

Through the Skadden Fellowship Foundation, the firm sponsors law school graduates who wish to practice public interest law. The foundation was established in 1988 at the time of the firm's 40th anniversary. The Los Angeles Times has called the program "a legal Peace Corps."[28] Fellows work with a sponsoring organization in the field of providing legal services to the poor, the elderly, the homeless, the disabled, and the disenfranchised. Skadden pays fellows a salary of $46,000 (as of 2012), plus all fringe benefits the sponsoring organization offers its employees. As of 2012, the firm has awarded 761 fellowships.[28]

Political contributions[edit]

Skadden partners and employees tend to support and contribute more to Democratic political candidates than to Republicans.[29]

Prominent lawyers at the firm endorsed and financially supported John Kerry in his campaign to become president of the United States in 2004.[30][31]

In the run-up to Super Tuesday, 2008, Skadden hosted a phone bank in support of Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign.[32][33]

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Skadden was one of the top law firms contributing to federal candidates during the 2012 election cycle, donating $1.98 million, 76% to Democrats.[34] By comparison, during that same period Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld donated $2.56, 66% to Democrats,[34] while oil conglomerate ExxonMobil donated $2.66 million, 88% to Republicans.[35] Since 1990, Skadden has contributed $11.93 million to federal campaigns, and spent $2.2 million on lobbying since 2000.[36]

Notable alumni[edit]

In addition to numerous professors and partners, both at Skadden and other firms, some of the more notable former Skadden attorneys include:


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Further reading[edit]

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