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Skafandr (Cyrillic: Скафандр) is a popular Russian band playing in the self-defined "metal-dub" style. Skafandr was formed in 1998 by Eugeniy Rybnikov, Yuriy Vitel, and Kirill Soloviyov in Saint Petersburg. Until 2001 the band was giving concerts with Anna Stolyarova's vocals, but since then focused on instrumental music only.

Annually Skafandr gives around 40 concert performances all around Russia, and has recorded three full studio albums on their own record label "Metal Dub Sound System".

With the band's permission, several tracks from its second CD have been used as the soundtrack for animated shorts on - home of Masyanya.

The first animated music video Human created by Toondra animation studio got "Best music video of the 2006 year" award on RAMP Festival

Skafandr also produced the soundtrack for the video game Stalingrad.


  • Eugeniy Rybnikov (Евгений Рыбников) - Guitar
  • Yuriy Vitel (Юрий Витель) - Bass
  • Kirill Soloviyov (Кирилл Соловьев) - drums


  • EP 8-812 (with Anna Stolyarova) — 2001
  • EP Навстречу Солнцу и Свету (Towards The Sun and The Light) — 2002
  • EP "Эпизод 3: Марш Красных Раскрепощенных Роботов По Планете Марс (Episode III: The March of Red Emancipated Robots Over Planet Mars) — 2003
  • LP Марш Красных Роботов(The March of Red Robots) — 2004
  • LP Навстречу Солнцу И Свету — 2005
  • LP Kill Voice — 2006
  • LP Тяжелый Шар Земной — 2007
  • LP Glaz — 2012

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