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Skai Group
Type Broadcast radio, television and online
Country Greece Greece
Availability National
Headquarters Falireos kai Makariou 2, 18547, Neo Faliro,
Owner News Dot Com (Data and Information Supply) Broadcasting and Commercial Company
Key people
Giannis Alafouzos (Chairman)
Launch date
1989 (radio)
1993 (television)
2006 (online)
2008 (publications)
Official website

Skai Group is one of the largest media groups in Greece. It consists of one television station, three radio stations, one news web portal and one publishing house.[1] The media group is connected with "I KATHIMERINI" S.A. which publishes the Greek newspaper Kathimerini.



  • Skai TV: Television station broadcasting in Greece.


  • Skai 100.3: Informational news radio station.
  • Μelodia 99.2: Eclectic GR musical radio station.
  • SPORT FM 94,6: Sport news radio station.
  • On 20 September 2012, SKAI Group and Mr Alafouzos sell the fourth radio station of group PLAY 88.9 to Alexandra Daskalopoulou daughter of the businessman and art collector Dimitris Daskalopoulos, and change the station's name from PLAY 88.9 to FREEDOM 88.9 an old radiο station of Skai Group which launched in March 2009 and stopped at December 2010. On 30 December 2013, FREEDOM 88.9 was renamed to HIT RADIO 88.9. At 14 December 2014 the SKAI group sell radio station RED 96,3 to Alexandra Daskalopoulou.Now the group owns SKAI 100,3 , MELODIA 99,2 , SPORT FM 94,6


  • Web portal with news.


  • Skai Book: The publishing house of the group. It was created in July 2008. Its publications are connected with the programs of Skai TV or with the parallel actions of the group.

Parallel actions[edit]

Skai Group has organized many actions relative to the protection of the environment such as reforestation actions, actions to clean territories in Athens (Cephissus cleaning). After the big fire in Parnitha National Park during 2007 Greek forest fires, Skai Group along with Kathimerini and WWF Hellas have established "Parnitha Observatory" an action to inform people about the restoration of the burned areas. Since the beginning of 2010, Skai Group carries out an ongoing social campaign, known as Oloi Mazi Boroume (English translation: Together We Can), focused on raising public awareness and organizing events regarding various social matters in Greece. Examples of such events are; clothes collection for the poor, food collection for soup kitchens around Greece (run by the Greek Church) serving indigents, weekly medicine collection drives all over Greece for the uninsured. The campaign has a close collaboration to the Greek Orthodox Church, in almost all its nationwide operations, aiming to help victims of the Greek financial crisis.[2]

"Skai Periballon" (English translation: Skai Environment) is the name for all environmental actions Skai Group organizes; such events include tree planting, tree watering, recycling electrical appliances and a lot of accessories and volunteer clean-up actions in various locations around Greece such as: beaches, forests, archaeological sites, villages, popular landmarks, etc.

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