Order of Skanderbeg (1990–)

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Order of Skanderbeg
Order of Skanderbeg medal.jpg
Current breast star of the order
Awarded by the President of Albania
Type Order of merit
Eligibility Albanians, foreign nationals [1]
Awarded for Important contributions or specific heroic acts for the defense, strengthening and advancement of the Republic of Albania
Status Currently constituted
Head President of Albania
Chancellor Prime Minister of Albania
Order of Skanderbeg insignia, shown with the Albanian Flag

The Order of Skanderbeg or the "George Kastrioti Skanderbeg" Order (Albanian: Urdhri "Gjergj Kastrioti Skënderbeu") is a high honorary state decoration that is currently given in Albania to Albanian and foreign citizens that have made an important contribution to the defence, reinforcement and development of the Republic of Albania.[2][3]

The name refers to Skanderbeg, who is the national hero of the Albanian people. The Order of Skanderbeg is granted by the President of Albania. It should not be confused with the royal Order of Skanderbeg, which is a dynastic order bestowed by the Albanian royal family.


Some recipients to date include:[4]

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