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Skanderbeg Museum, the remains of the Sultan Mehmed Fatih Mosque being in front of it
Replica of the Arms of Skanderbeg at the Skanderbeg Museum of Kruja
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The Skanderbeg Museum is in Krujë, Albania. It honors George Kastrioti Skanderbeg (1405–1468), a national hero of Albania. The museum is located inside Krujë Castle and the restored bazaar. The citadel includes a restored house from the Ottoman era that is now the Ethnographic Museum.

The Krujë Castle, which houses the museum, is a historic citadel. Ottoman troops attacked it thrice, in 1450, 1466 and 1467, but failed to take control. It was this impregnable fortress that helped George Kastrioti Skanderbeg defend Albania from Ottoman invasion for more than two decades.[1]


The museum contains objects dating back to Skanderbeg’s time. The exhibits have been arranged in a way that chronicles his life and military feats. Paintings, armor, and other artifacts dating back to his time have been exhibited to showcase one of the proudest periods of Albanian history. An interesting display is the replica of the hero’s famous goat head-topped helmet, the original of which is on display at the Kunsthistorisches Museum.[1]

The memorial building was designed by Pirro Vaso and Pranvera Hoxha.[2]

The Krujë Castle
Skanderbeg Museum
Statue of George Kastrioti Skanderbeg in the Skanderbeg Museum.

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