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Skandiabanken is an internet bank based in Sweden, owned by Skandia. It has one branch office in Stockholm and conducts the rest of its business over the internet and via telephone. Skandiabanken in Norway is independent of the Swedish Skandiabanken as of 2015,[1][2] and is the largest internet-based bank in Scandinavia.

In late 2006 Skandiabanken changed its log-in procedure in order to enhance security and began requiring that customers use one-time codes. A petition protesting the move was immediately started.

In a 2006 survey by Norsk Kundebarometer, the company achieved an 82% satisfaction rating, meaning it came top on the list of companies in Norway. [1]

In late 2007, the Danish branch of the company was sold to Eik Bank Danmark.[2]

In late 2009, the Swedish branch of the bank began using BankID for login procedures,[3] with the Nexus Personal client. Nexus Personal does not support 64-bit operating systems (Linux).[4]

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