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Developer(s)Kåre Särs
PlatformKDE Platform
LicenseGPL v2

Skanlite is a simple image scanning application, based on the KSane backend.[1] In KDE 4 Skanlite replaced Kooka of KDE 3 as default KDE scanning application.[2]

Skanlite is based on libksane, an interface provided by KDE for SANE libraries to control flat scanners.[3] It also works with networked scanners.[4]


The main feature is the absence of "Save" button. If you accidentally didn't save the image, you have to rescan it again to get "Save file" dialogue window.

Skanlite can save images in the following formats:[4]

  • jpeg, jpg, png, bmp, ppm, xbm, xpm.

Skanlite can open a save dialog for every image scanned or save the images immediately in a specified directory with auto-generated names and format. T

If only portion of image is needed, user can first scan quick preview, select wanted area and then scan the wanted area in high quality.

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