Skansen Parowozownia Kościerzyna

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Railway Museum in Kościerzyna
FoundedNovember 1, 1992
Headquarters7 Towarowa Str., ,

Railway Museum Kościerzyna (former Skansen Parowozownia Kościerzyna) is a Polish railway museum located in Kościerzyna, Pomeranian Voivodeship. The museum is located in place of a now defunct locomotive depot near Kościerzyna railway station.

The exhibit consists mostly of steam locomotives, but several diesel and electric locomotives, as well as electric multiple units and diesel multiple units are also available for visitors.
Besides rolling stock displayed in the open air, inside the shed visitors can also see several exhibitions of machines and devices connected with Polish railway history.


The approximate year of opening of the locomotive depot in Kościerzyna was 1885, when the railway reached this town. The depot had been rebuilt several times before it was definitely closed on April 1, 1991. The museum was opened on November 1, 1992, as a decision of Rolling Stock Repair Works in Gdynia director.

Visitor information[edit]

Skansen Parowozownia Kościerzyna is located near the railway station, on the opposite side of the track. It is possible to get into most steam locomotives, but many other vehicles are closed and available to look at only from the outside.

The exhibit[edit]

The museum owns many interesting and important for Polish railway history vehicles, including:

Steam locomotives[edit]


Diesel and electric locomotives[edit]

  • Ls40-5438 - Small diesel shunter.
  • SP30-006 - Passenger version of SM30 shunter.
  • SM41-43 - Hungarian shunting locomotive produced in Ganz Mavag.
  • SP45-139 - Polish passenger diesel locomotive.
  • SP47-001 - A prototype of Polish passenger diesel locomotive.
  • ET21-367 - Polish freight electric locomotive.
  • SM03-136 - Small diesel shunter.

Diesel and electric multiple units[edit]

EW90 EMU in the museum
  • SR61 - A modification of SN61 DMU.
  • EW90-12 - EMU of pre-war German construction.

Other exhibits[edit]

TKt48 locomotive

The museum exhibits also several carriages, wagons and tankers as well as technical cars. The museum decided to prepare special, educational locomotive to show visitors how steam engines operated. For this purpose the TKt48-179 locomotive was cut in order to show the interior of the engine's devices.


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