Skarð, Iceland

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Skarðskirkja, the Skarð church
Skarðskirkja, the Skarð church
Location of the Municipality of Rangárþing ytra
Location of the Municipality of Rangárþing ytra
Skarð is located in Iceland
Location of Skarð in Iceland
Coordinates: 63°45′N 20°37′W / 63.750°N 20.617°W / 63.750; -20.617
Country  Iceland
Constituency[1] South Constituency
Region[2] Southern Region
Municipality Rangárþing ytra
Time zone GMT (UTC+0)

Skarð is a small village and church parish in southwestern Iceland in the Rangárþing ytra municipality (before 2002: Landsveit), Rangárvallasýsla county, and Southern Region, along road 26 (Landvegur), northwest of Hekla.

The present Skarð church was built in 1931. The parish shares a priest with four other church parishes (Árbæjar, Haga, Kálfholts, Marteinstungu) under the name Fellsmúlaprestakall.[3] This parish and church is called "Skarðskirkja á Landi" to disambiguate from other places named Skarð. The original catholic church was devoted to archangel Michael.[4]


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Coordinates: 64°00′18″N 20°05′42″W / 64.0049°N 20.0950°W / 64.0049; -20.0950