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The railway station in Skarnes

Skarnes is the administrative centre of Sør-Odal municipality, Norway. Its population in 2012 was 2,301, giving rise to a population density of 862 people per Km2.[1]

The local railway station, opened in 1862, is served by Kongsvingerbanen.

Skarnes is divided by the river Glåma, the longest river in Norway. The river Oppstadåa runs into Glåma at Skarnes. Oppstadåa is one of the longest rivers running both ways in Norway. This effect is created by floods, dams, melting snow in the mountains in spring and low water during summer.

Skarnes is the home of folk singer Øystein Sunde.

Coordinates: 60°15′N 11°41′E / 60.250°N 11.683°E / 60.250; 11.683

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